Hand Stamped Heirloom Jewellery

I was recently presented with one of Jessica’s beautiful necklaces at a speaking engagement for Mom’s café.  I am a jewelry buff and this has quickly become my favourite piece.  I felt my eyes well up with tears when I saw my kids’ names engraved on a medallion.  My son, Jothan lives and works as a missionary in the Philippines and I miss him so much.  My daughter, Jenna, passed away in a scooter accident in Greece almost nine years ago and when I saw her name, and the little silver angel wing that Jessica had attached I was deeply moved.  Thank you, Jessica and Mom’s Café for this lovely piece of jewelry that I wear close to my heart and will forever treasure. 

Thanks again, Sharon G

Hey Jessica. I just wanted to let you know that my cousin absolutely LOVED the necklace that you made for her!! She was so surprised & cried when she saw it :) Thanks again for making such meaningful & beautiful jewelry xo

A. Robson

My best friend bought me one of your necklaces with my 3 boys' names on it and their stones and it was absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for your beautiful work. It made me cry :)

I had a friend contact me about creating a special bracelet for herself and her little girl. You see, her little girl grew in her heart and not in her belly. I sent over a request to Jessica Rae Jewelry and she worked her magic! She does amazing work!
I just received in the mail "angel" and "angels" charms from Jessica Rae Jewelry for my new Loss bracelet. They are absolutely gorgeous and I can't WAIT to create the bracelet to accompany them. THANK YOU sooo much for the great work you do!!!

I just wanted to let you know that I got my necklace today!!! I Love it!! So worth the wait!!! Thanks so much ♥

Nikki M

This was my Christmas gift to myself, Jessica Rae Jewelry did a beautiful job with very vague instructions on what I wanted. It is very hard to find mothers jewelry for 5 kids! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... :)

Love your creations! Your kind of work warms everyones hearts! :D

J . Fox

I am not usually a jewelry person but your jewelry I would wear. It is simple and unique. Very modern. I have not seen anything like it. Great ideas.

D. Brown